Your next A&S Representative

Jaewon’s ready to win this fight.

Jaewon has been leading the movement for affordable student lives as a voting member of the Cornell Student Assembly (SA) and the Chair of the SA Task Force on Net-Print System Reform. And his fight for an economically inclusive campus is far from being over.

Let’s win this together. Re-elect Jaewon to the Assembly as the College of Arts & Sciences Representative.

The story of Jaewon

Jaewon Sim is a computer science major in A&S, and he currently serves the undergraduate students as a voting member of the Cornell Student Assembly and the Chair of the Student Assembly Task Force on Net-Print Reform.

He is also the Assembly’s current Vice President of External Operations and the Chair of the Student Assembly Communications Committee.

Before moving to Ithaca, NY, Jaewon spent the past 19 years of his life in four different countries: Indonesia, China, Korea, and the US.

Jaewon has been a member of the Student Assembly since the Fall of his freshman year and he is dedicated not only to supporting students from lower-income backgrounds but also reducing the hidden costs of attending Cornell.

Stand with Jaewon.

Jaewon has something for you: join Team Jaewon and read his letter.

Then, scroll down to learn more about what he plans to achieve.


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These are the key policies Jaewon will fight for as your next A&S representative.

Fair printing & affordable living

Jaewon wants to lower the exorbitant costs of attending Cornell.

Printing is an inevitable part of academics at Cornell: on a recent survey, 98% of students said that they had been required to print assignments before submission. And unfortunately, students from lower-income backgrounds are affected more severely by hidden costs like Net-Print charges than those from higher-income backgrounds.

Jaewon will work to

  • Make Net-Print charges affordable, especially to students from lower-income backgrounds in coordination with the incoming Director of First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support in the Dean of Students’ office
  • Reduce the number of printed coursework materials in coordination with the faculty
  • Expand Net-Print access to dorms and Collegetown (eHub & residence halls)

As the Chair of the SA Task Force on Net-Print System Reform, Jaewon currently leads the Student Assembly’s efforts to fix the Net-Print system.

Safer & inclusive campus

Jaewon wants to create a safer environment for all Cornellians, regardless of who they are, or where they come from.

Jaewon will work to

  • Increase Student-Assembly-led support for students from lower-income backgrounds by sponsoring and voting for resolutions that reduce students’ financial burden
  • Work with the Director of First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support in the Dean of Students’ office to design a stipend package for students from lower-income backgrounds
  • Provide representation for students in DACA and for international students on F-1 and J-1 visa on the Student Assembly
  • Introduce increased support resources for students returning from long leaves-of-absences, due to military service outside the US, or health and personal reasons

Cutting through the Big Red Tape

Jaewon wants to maximize the Student Assembly’s efficiency and sustainability by reducing unnecessary paperwork.

Did you know that before every Thursday, in preparation for the Student Assembly meetings, hundreds of pages of resolutions and supporting materials are printed for the representatives? A big portion of the supporting materials attached to resolutions go unread and end up in the recycling bin. The SA already maintains online frameworks for sharing and viewing the resolutions online.

Jaewon will work to

  • Introduce a streamlined online byline-funding process for student groups that benefit from the Student Activity Fee
  • Lead a long-term Student-Assembly initiative to go completely paperless:
    • Digitize all governing documents, resolutions, and supporting materials to eliminate the need for unnecessary printing
  • Improve students’ access to support resources by dedicating more human and financial resources to the development of the new Student Assembly website
  • Modernize the internal voting process by introducing a polling software or iClicker-based system for representatives

As the SA Vice President of External Affairs and the Chair of the Communications Committee, Jaewon serves as the Lead Web Developer for the Student Assembly. See his work at

Help for Cornellians

All Student Assembly members, regardless of their position, serve the entire undergraduate body. And as a current member, Jaewon may be able to help you out.

Here are some things students most commonly look for:

Newspaper subscriptions

The Student Assembly sponsors newspaper subscriptions for students. Get your free access to the NYT and WSJ.

Net-Print refunds

The SA Task Force on Net-Print System Reform has an informational page on getting refunds for misprinted pages.


You can participate in shared governance at Cornell by petitioning any one of the assemblies, including the SA.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions for Representative Jaewon Sim, reach out to him at

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