As trustee, Jaewon envisions a Cornell that provides every student an equal opportunity to succeed on campus and beyond. And this is how we'll get there.

Career Advising

Preparing students for a successful life after Cornell

  • Reduce inequity in services offered by advising units
  • Improve accessibility of services and reduce student confusion
  • Meet student demand for practical assistance
  • Create personal connections between advisers and students

Cornell Pride

Fostering a sense of pride in and appreciation for Cornell

  • Instill a sense of pride in and appreciation for Cornell
  • Educate students about Cornell’s history and uniqueness
  • Advance the Senior Class Campaign to find equilibrium between immediate giving and relationship building
  • Cultivate a sense of community and belonging during the COVID-19 health crisis

Academic & Extracurricular Experience

Creating a positive environment for personal development in and outside the classroom

  • Review organizations’ recruitment procedures for inclusivity
  • Facilitate sharing of career resources typically granted exclusively to a few organizations' members
  • Promote integration between Greek and non-Greek student segments
  • Advocate for international student inclusion at a time of changing immigration landscape